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About Mark Brown

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About Mark: Welcome

Mark Brown uses his life experience, the good and the bad, to help encourage, inspire, and motivate others to live their best life!  His book 'Choose To Be You' chronicles his life and the challenges that he has faced, and details how he uses those experience to live life to the fullest, without any regrets!  Mark desires to help students, educators, schools, and districts to embrace the Choose To Be You mentality by creating safe, inclusive, and supportive school cultures.  

As a high school administrator, Mark understands the challenges facing students and educators in today’s world.  He draws upon his experience as a student, classroom teacher, activities director, head coach, and administrator to deliver a message of hope, perseverance, acceptance, and self-worth that inspires his audience to love themselves and others.

Mark has been recognized for his accomplishments as both an educator and a coach, being awarded Staffulty of the Month and Coach of the Year honors multiple times.  

Mark is a mental health and wellness advocate. As someone who struggles with mental health illness, Mark is a voice of authenticity, grace, and hope.

Mark uses his success and his failures to deliver an inspiring message sure to leave his listeners with hope, inspiration, and applicable tools.

As an educator on the front lines, Mark understands what our students and educators are experiencing on a daily basis and is able to use his message to provide applicable strategies and inspiration to enhance your school's climate and culture, while encouraging every single person to live their best life!   

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