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"Choose To Be You"

As a high school administrator, Mark Brown is passionate about helping educators and students live life as their best selves, and challenges everyone to embrace the call of Choose To Be You.  Using his experience as a learner, an educator, and as someone who has spent the majority of his life chasing an image of someone and something other than his true, authentic self,  Mark delivers a message of hope and inspiration that is guaranteed to impact your life and your school!


About 'Choose To Be You'

As a motivational speaker, Mark Brown aims to deliver education, inspiration, and entertainment to a variety of audiences. Mark speaks from his personal experience, and uses his story to impact the lives of educators and students. Mark is passionate about spreading his message to whoever will listen, because he believes that best way to live life is by embracing the call of Choose To Be You!



Mark is ready to connect with you to provide you, your team, and your school with all the tools you need in order to fully embrace the call of Choose To Be You. His programs are strategically designed so that educators and students all find meaningful and actionable takeaways. Explore the different ways that Mark can connect with your school below.


Mark loves working 1 on 1 with school leaders to understand your situation, and then help you develop, create, and implement an action plan that will enable all educators and students in your school to be able to embrace the call of Choose To Be You.

Motivational Speaking

Mark uses his personal story and his struggle with Mental Health to engage and inspire audiences.  Whether it be for educator professional development, or a power packed student assembly, Mark's presentation will leave everyone in your school fired up to embrace the call of Choose To Be You! 


Mark uses his expertise as an educator and leader to work with small groups of students, staff, or a mixture of both to engage them first in critical thinking exercises, but then challenging them to leave ready to not only make an impact in their own lives, but on the lives of everyone in your school!


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